Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist



It took me a couple of years between making the undershirt and butt-cape and making the jacket, but it's finally all finished. I decided to go with a darker blue and silver trim because I wanted the costume to be reminiscent of a United States' Air Force uniform. The redish-brown undershirt means the costume if from the first anime series and not Brotherhood, but I could just swap it out for a black undershirt if I want to in the future. The holster is made out of a cereal box and vinyl.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Riza Hawkeye


Vavo Natsumi I actually prefer this shade of blue! Would you happen to remember what type of fabric it is this?

Veroniku Wonderful Riza cosplay, great attention to detail ^^

Bluehentrooper Thank you very much! I worked very hard to make the costume and wig the best they could be, so compliments like yours mean a lot to me.

huggableshinobi =D You make such a wonderful Riza!