Heaven System

My bf Sozokureed has an online manga that he does. He asked me if I would do the main girl, Laurel, from his series and of course how could I say no?

The dress, while I thought would be easy, was the biggest pain ever. Things kept going wrong with one right after another. In the end I got it to behave and I love how the skirt flows. The belt/obi thing was made with brocade fabrics of my own pattern. The head piece is made from casted resin, feathers, clay and wire. The armor pieces, weapon and shoes were made by my bf. The hair is my own with my Sophitia wig clipped in the back as a pony tail, OMG is it heavy!!
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Series Heaven System
Character Laurel

Adella Your hair looks great! You make an awesome Laurel. did he change Laurel to the lead instead of Raya? I really am fail when it comes to keeping up with online mangas.