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Dear goodness, this was a nightmare. 10 yards of pink fleece and 8 yards of pink lining.

It started with 5 foam mattress pads, which were cut into shape by using a program called Cone Layout, and working the shape like a giant beach ball. The mattresses were sewn together with fishing line and then covered. The feet were furniture foam; I carved a foot out of each one. Then I covered the foot with fabric. The bottom were non-skid mats used for drying dishes. It was then covered in pink fleece and sprayed with an adhesive spray to keep it down.

The arms were made out of pex pipe which was fitted into a piece of lining made into shape. Then covered with quilter's batting and fabric. The non-microphone one contains a magnet to grasp the top. There are 10 neodymium magnets connecting the arms to the body, and they swing back and forth with some weight like a giant puppet.

The ears were made with craft foam and baby bumper pads. (extra-stiff quilter's batting cut into shapes) They were folded over and sewn with fishing line to keep their shape, then airbrushed to get the inner ear. The mouth was a piece of felt that was airbrushed with gradients.

The eyes used to be a collapsible laundry hamper. I took it apart completely, used the metal rods as the eye rim, (which maintained a circular shape), and made the eyes by airbrushing gradient blues. The white part was cut and sewn together. (Yes, I can see out of it)

The microphone was toilet parts. The bottom is the rubber stopper, the middle was the connecting pipe, and the top is the bag of air that you see when you lift the lid. That was covered in fleece and painted green. There is also a magnet inside for removal. The marker part itself was an old sponge. There are rings that were toilet washers which were painted silver to represent the reference picture.

This took about 4 months from idea to reality.


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