Sui is a one-episode character from the second epsiode, a little girl whose eyes are devoured by Mushi. Ginko eventually gives her his enchanted fake eye which allows her to see, which explains the false eye in photos, and why my Ginko (figwiggin) has one full sclera lens. I really wanted to do her outfit from the end of the episode, but engineering my own prints is a bit beyond my skill level at the moment.

Yes, I can see through the bandages, albeit a little blurrily. It was only an issue when hurrying through the dealer's room, in which cases I just put my hand on figwiggin's shoulder for a guide.

The character is actually barefoot, but seeing as con floors are gross and geta are clompy, I erred on the side of some simple, unobtrusive flip-flops which are often hidden by poses.

I intend to remake the yukata out of a fabric without stretch if and when I rewear this.


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