Lifestream Goddess




For this outfit, I wanted to take the color scheme of the Lifestream (blue and green) and combine it with Sephiroth's black. I made the wing top to mimic his wing, along with the cross straps at the back to mimic the ones he wears on his chest. I made the ribbons on the hair accessory and skirt to mimic the lifestream itself, as well as using loose and flowing fabrics to create that "flowing" kind of feeling. For this character, I wanted her to be like a guardian of Sephiroth (like a guardian angel) and yet be linked to something crucial in the game, the Lifestream.

And now, the outfit specs....&gt;_&gt; <_<

Top: Hand sewn feathers on black fabric. Two pleather straps cross at the back with white ribbon and jewels sewn on.

Black Skirt: Pleather trimmed with off-white ribbon and hand-sewn jewels. Blue and green ribbon are fitted along the sides.

Green Skirt: Cut from satin and trimmed with black lace.

Blue Belt: Cut from chiffon. The train is detachable by hook-and-eyes.

Hair Accessory: Blue, green, and jewel strands wrapped around a large hair clip.

Black Hair accessory: Bought from a store.

Necklace: One LARGE Swarovski crystal.

Lace Gloves: Modified from scrap lace.


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Character Lifestream Goddess


Sephirayne Wow! Great outfit and design. Love it X

Yazmine This is a really awesome concept. Great job! : D

Kisara410 omg I think i saw you last year! you looked great!

Brokenhearte wow kool outfit!