Dúnadan Ranger

The Lord of the Rings



My dear friend Móka made this costume for me. She convinced me to join the Dúnedain Germany. This is a German costuming group which portrays the Ithilien rangers of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

The shirt is made of an olive green polyester blend fabric. It has long sleeves, a low stand-up collar and a triagonal yoke. It closes in front with a small lacing.

Long vest:
The long vest is calf-length and made of a dark brown cotton blend fabric. There’s a slit at the back up to the waist. It closes with 3 pairs of laces.

The tabard is made of dark olive green cotton blend fabric. The tabard is slightly longer than knee-length. It’s open at the sides and has a V-shaped neckline and hem. The edges of the tabard are decorated with stripes of anthracite artificial leather. It’s laced at the sides with 5 pairs of eyelets.

Leather jerkin and gorget:
The medium brown leather jerkin has dark olive green cotton inlets at the sides. There’re 5 pairs of brass rings and a dark brown leather cord to lace the jerkin at each side. The jerkin closes in front with the help of a leather cord which runs through a lot of eylets. There’s a gorget in dark brown fixed on top of the jerkin. It’s fixed in position by the front lacing of the jerking.

Detachable Sleeve:
The detachable sleeve is made of a fawn cotton fabric. It’s quilted and closes with a lacing.

Underbracer and vambrace:
The underbracers are made of a soft, thin, dark brown leather. They extend over the forearm and the back of the hand. They are closed with the help of a lacing at height of the forearm. The part at height of the back of the hand is held in place with a small strip of leather. The leather vambraces are made of the same leather than the jerkin, gorget and the quiver. They are decorated with the swan of “Dol Amroth”.

Cloak, pants and boots:
The full-length cloak is made of a wool blend fabric in dark brown. The pattern of the cloak is a semicircle. It has a hood and closes in front with the help of two brass clasps and a thick leather strap. There’s a slit in the back for the leather strap of the quiver. I wear ordinary riding pants in medium brown and dark brown laced leather boots with the costume.

Mask, belts and belt pouches:
The shape of the mask is nearly triangular and is made of some left over fabric from the shirt. The main belt has a Gondorian type of belt buckle, and there’s additionally a vertical belt fixed at the main belt. Several belt pouches and gloves are attached to the belt.

The quiver is made of the same leather than the jerkin. It has decorative leather stripes sewed on it. There’s a fabric bag attached on top to protect the fletching of the arrows from rain etc. The strap is made of the same leather and closes with a Gondorian type of belt buckle.

Sword, bow and arrows:
I wear a medieval sword replica in a brown leather scaffold at a separate belt with the costume. I have a fawn bow made of ash tree and a dark brown bow made of rattan. The arrows are made out of wooden slats, pine, goose and buzzard feathers which I collected on my own.


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Character Dúnadan Ranger


Stjarna I really like your costume and the photos are great!

ThorinXV Greetings from another Dúnadan. May the forest be with you... always ;).

Narnian Amazing cosplay!

Garuda_Aiacos Woh! Beautiful. -__^