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Costume is based off the asari concept art by Matt Rhodes and all the costume pieces where either something I already owned or something that could be found in stores. Its been a stress free costume.
I made a clay mold for a latex cap sculpted to look like an Asari's scalp/hair(?). I used's tutorial if you wish to look into making your own asari mold.

To get the blue skin tone I have purchased an airbrush set and bought latex and waterbased paints. I will be using water based paints for my face.
I want to somehow figure out how to make my hands/costume glow for the biotic aura but that is currently an afterthought.

Not registered with and have questions? comments? snarky commentary?
Please email me at hmwsgx at gmail dot com, or find me on the Mass Effect Bioware forums, my username is HMWSG X. I don't bite, I promise! I always make an attempt to reply to everyone.

NOTE: For a few 'tutorials' on makeup and painting steps, please go to my WIP gallery


@hmwsg x
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Series Mass Effect
Character Asari
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Shizuka Nemuri That looks FANTASTIC! Thanks for including the reference to Tatterhood; I'm going there to check out how to make that headpiece, haha. But again, very nicely done~ <3 I do have a quick question though, if I may. Where did you buy the airbrush and paints for the blue skin tone?

B.o.H. Awesome work!

mrbob0822 Definitely one of the best Asari cosplays I've seen. Thank you for not being disappointing. :P Mass Effect deserves some right proper tribute, which you've done here.

Zonbi Beautiful work. :)

Acima I love this! Might try to make one myself. You look awesome!

bodatheyoda I think I'm in love with you...Mass Effect is one of the most amazing games and stories ever. I love the detail of the head piece you have :)

Aicanár that's a really great asari!!!

Angeal awesome cosplay thats realllllllllly cool Very awesome costume.

Tenshila amazing job!

Hopie This costume is amazing... jeez, I'm in awe!

okageo OMG this is sooo crazy!! im always amaze seeing how u make this costume.

Dr. Holocaust When/where is this going to debut? Can't wait to see it at 100%.

cloudwarrior thanks for the web url for the sandle thing cool stuff ^^ im deffinetly going to have to look into that thanks btw still cant wait to see this complete ^^

bluestbunnie WOW! I can't wait to see this finished! What are you using to make the hair?