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Angel Sanctuary is my fave manga ever and Raziel is my fave character in the saga. I wanted a relatively easy costume (famous last words) for ame because of final exams this year, so Raziel seemed an obvious choice. He has ALOT of costumes in the manga but this was my fave and probably most recognisable of his so I went for his candidate uniform.

This was another learning experiance cosplay! The jacket was okayish to make, except for BLOODY ARMHOLES which I eventually managed to fix. I interfaced the cuffs and did all the black around the edges of the cuffs and hood, yay accuracy! Also made the belt and strap because I couldn't find a black leather belt ANYWHERE. My first time working with pleather (on a very small scale!) but they turned out okay. ^_^

I was going to go for leather shorts...but I didn't want to make them and the only leather shorts you can seem to buy are a bit...er...interesting to say the least. So I went with the more comfortable alternative. XD I also made the wings which were actually a hell of alot of fun to make, and not too difficult at all. I basically followed Paperwings tutorial, so look it up on google. It's epic. ^_^

I actually really like this costume even if not many people know who I am! I love Raziel and it's great to cosplay him. People gave me lots of love for the wings...more than I was expecting seeing as it was my first go at them. So yes! Much fun! Even if I did look slightly like a Hitler Youth member...O_~


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Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Raziel
Variant Candidate Uniform


Reilah Oh my god!I love you! ^.^ Raziel is amazing..I would have totally recognized you =D Angel Sanctuary is my favorite manga too. I cosplayed as Lill and not even the other AS cosplayers knew who I was ;~; *tear* Great job, you look wonderful <3