Dissidia: Final Fantasy



Oh geez....THIS outfit.... Simply, I revamped my Amano/Advent Sephiroth..but with a lot of complexity.

The specs:

Wig: Bought online, the bangs cut and styled by me.

Makeup: White eyeliner pencil for the eyebrows. Foundation for my damn skin XD

Armor: Made from Wonderflex, then painted with a silver and black paint mixture. Black streaks on the armor were carved, then painted black. Gems on the armor are scrapbook jewels.

Coat: Hand-made and lined with no pattern.

White Coat Detailing: Cut from fabric, then partially dyed with violet.

Silver Belt: Made from Wonderflex, then painted with a silver and black paint mixture. Chains and beaded strands are attached via lobster claws to the coat (yes, it's detachable!). The wing charm in the front is an earring.

Soldier Belt: The same from my Advent/Amano Sephiroth cosplay, handmade.

Bracelets: Bought from store, then painted with front paint. One bracelet has beads attached to it and a crystal.

Gloves: Bought from Lord and Taylor.

Pants: Bought from a store, then modified a bit.

Bootcovers and Silver Bands: Handmade, then fitted for my boots.

Sword: The same from my Amano/Advent Sephiroth, but the gold on the hilt is now black.


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Sephiroth.


Arella18 o.o woah great cosplay

Mallory You make an awesome Sephy! You capture the character soooo well!

Sephirayne Awesome Dissidia Seph. You did an excellent job X

SephirothnJenov <3 Love your costume at each con. You are a very talented woman. <3<3<3

ChilmarkGryphon I told you this at KRAZY, but it bears repeating: best Sephiroth I have yet seen in my conwanderings XD

Vexation I can't wait to see this at Otakon. >w<