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I've always loved the Zelda games, and I love Princess Zelda! My friend Ohmi wanted to cosplay Link, so I chose Zelda to match. At first I was reluctant to cosplay a blond character, but I'm glad I did, because I love this costume so much! Ocarina Zelda is so pretty! ^-^ And she is such a great character, too. She's not just a damsel in distress any more, she's a powerful sage, a guardian of Hyrule!

We spent a year working on our OoT costumes. This was before Super Smash Bros. Melee came out, and it was nearly impossible to find any references of Zelda, so this costume is based mostly mostly off the Ocarina of Time in-game model (which is crappy). I fixed it up a bit for the 2006 NINTENDON'TS Smash Bros. group, but in order for it to be accurate, several pieces would have to be remade. Not sure if I care to do it.

My favorite incident in this costume was backstage at the AX01 masquerade when Japanese cosplayers Nomi and Kaie ran up to me calling, "Piichi-hime! Piichi-hime!" It took Ohmi and me about a week to figure out what they were saying, and that they had mistaken me for Nintendo's other famous princess, Princess Peach XD lol!


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