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Scrapped Princess



I've always loved the character designs in Scrapped Princess, so I knew I'd end up doing more than one. Same character, but hey, I liked him enough to want to make both of his uniforms. This one's not as flashy as his Obstinate Arrow uniform, but I love it just the same.

When I first started on this, my sewing machine was broken, but I just couldn't wait so I dove into it anyway. As a result, everything is handsewn. I guess I'm proud of it for that reason, ya know? And I love how my wig came out in the end - this is the same wig I used for my OA Chris cosplay, but it's had major alterations (like adding ear holes - makes it feel like I'm not even wearing a wig!). Might try to tame the bangs a bit, but I'm happy with the result.

So I'm mostly happy with how it all came out in the end. I want to mess with the collar a bit, and maybe try to smooth out the shoulders a bit too. But really there's not a whole lot I'd change at this stage. I wish I would have had more of the fabric I made his tunic out of - I bought the store out, and because of that it's not quite as I would have liked (longer tails, an oops in one of the sleeves without enough material to redo it). I'm not too upset, though. I do have to get some better pictures, though. Soon, hopefully!


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