Kaidoh Kaoru

The Prince of Tennis



Most of this outfit was borrowed: the shorts, jacket, rackets, and even the black shirt and the yellow towel. At the last minute my friend informed me that she'd be doing TeniPuri cosplay with some rp buddies of hers and asked me if I wanted to join in. I, of course, said that I would!

The headband is a dishtowel that we found at the 100 yen store the night before our cosplay shoot, so it's not the exact same pattern as in the series, but it works, and the wig is my Lust->Rao->Soi Fong wig, which I wore on my own head and styled in the mirror as soon as I got home that night.

Yeah, totally last-minute closet cosplay of a character in a series I've only seen about 10 episodes of, but that's cool. I had a whole lot of fun.


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Series The Prince of Tennis
Character Kaidoh Kaoru


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