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...yes, I'm Fanime Brooke. :|b


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Series One Piece
Character Brooke


xXKurojinXx i applaud you

edrocks4 Unbeliveable if I only had a half the talent you have.

Aya Namida omg! best brook I've ever seen!

Mouse the Prone YES!!!!!!!!!! I approve!

Dark-Nami Great *_*

Darcie Artemis AWSOMENESS!

BurglercatNami wow that's what i call an amazing brook =D great job you are the best brook cosplayer i've ever seen!

Shichibukai7 woooooow this is like too goood if they ever make a live action one piece movie u should do the whole brook design in my opinion just spot on perfect dangg i wish i could take a picture with u as brook.

Karink hahaha great cosplay!!!!

Abbubbuabubbi buahahahah XD great Brook -Yoh ohoho!-

Rheine Wow, this is great!

klayr Thank you both! ♥

samtoenail thats amazing!! u pulled brook off REALLY good

oshie Wooo that's a great Brook!! Omedeto!

klayr Tyblat-- Wow, thank you so much! I'm so flattered. ♥ Jefu!-- Thanks! ningyubaka-- Well, I wouldn't go that far, but... ;) Christycard-- Just AX.

Christycard WOW! You look AMAZING! WOW! Well done! Any other cons planned for this year?

ningyobaka you sir are god

Jefu! so very awesome.

Tyblat I think i've died and gone to heaven. This is the most amazing cosplay I have ever seen.

klayr Thank you, everyone! *w* ♥