Final Fantasy X



This was my first attempt at something this complicated.
This is how this thing was made:
The hair is mostly my own, I grew it out for this costume(it little longer then mid back now) then added hair extensions and dyed it black. There are suppose to be 4 hair sticks but 1 broke 2 days before the con and I couldn't fix it. They were made out of chopsticks, wire and model magic, painted and sealed then accented with beads and bells.
The red earrings were made by me with model magic.
Moogle was hand sewn by me also
It's a 3 part outfit. Dress is completely french seamed and the "lace" was drawn, cut out, and then sewn on. The fur was hand sewn and hemmed, I ran out of fur and had to do like a patch work thing so it would go all the way around. >_>
The corset was hand sewn also with a pattern I made. It's a true corset and has a busk, lacing bone, and about 26 steel bones.
Belts is a separate skirt that at one time had over 30 belts, they started falling off through out the day by the end of the day I started ripping them off so I wouldn't trip on them more then I already was.

I'm remaking and redoing a few things for the next con so this is version 1.0


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


The Desert Rose yayz hope you had as much fun as i did. Made my day to get a hug by Lulu. X)