Briar Rose

Sleeping Beauty



To do:

~After Comic Con, I plan on re-making the corset with boning and black velvet. I also want to purchase some gorgeous purple linen brocade for the shawl. As for now, though, Rose is being retired until further notice~~

[x]Dickey for white collar: 98%- just need to finish hand-sewing the snaps. (my hands are sooo sore after sewing through all of those layers of thick cotton..)

[x]Bodice: 100%- "corn-silk" khaki moleskin (this fabric is soooo soft ^^) lined with white broadcloth

[x]Skirt: 100% -took advantage of a sale at a fabric outlet--$4/yard for pretty dove-grey linen? Yes, please!~ Ended up using 4 1/2 yards and it's officially my twirling skirt XD

[x]Corset: 100% complete-Added my own little touch by finding an embroidered black rose and thorns brocade on a black linen fabric. It's technically a modified bodice with interfacing due to the lack of boning, but it still cinches me in pretty well. :)

[x]Shawl:picked up a gorgeous purple gabardine.

[x]Petticoat: 100% complete- My first time with a petticoat, and I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

[x]Style wig: 100%- I absolutely LOVE this wig...I feel so much like a princess in this blond curly/wavy hair. The color ended up being a bit too "yellow" for my taste for Briar Rose, though, and I plan on using it for a Golden Princess Aurora costume :) I just ordered a Rose in 24 from cosworx for Briar Rose. Since it's only about 1 shade lighter than my own hair, it looks eerily natural, at least in my opinion XD


[x]Basket: finally, a prop that doubles as a purse ^^;; Ended up taking advantage of Michael's sale on spring flowers and got irises, hyacinth, yellow daisies and a white rose. Also found the most adorable stuffed horned owl--Aurora brand plush? I think it was a sign, lol.


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Series Sleeping Beauty
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Variant Peasant Dress


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