Pokemon (Gijinka)



This was a complete and total closet cosplay. I think I spent all of $5 on stuff for it (i.e. for scarf and shirt). XD The hat was my mom's, the pants and shoes were from my Hakkai cosplay. The apron and brushes were ones that I actually used in oil painting. My own hair and did my own make-up and all that.

Basically there was a gathering and I didn't want to wear anybody who would fit the nice japanese garden setting. Everybody I had either worn there last year, worn recently, worn too much, or don't like wearing anymore. So I threw together the Smeargle Gijinka to wear with some other Gijinka who were going.

Have to say was fun. I, however, don't have any plans on re-visiting it. Maybe the situation will arise, who knows...but for not it's a one-time costume.


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