Yukiko Amagi

Persona 4



I love Shadow Yukiko so much. I can't even wait to remake this dress.


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Series Persona 4
Character Yukiko Amagi


Zhelly You and your group just made my day, seriouslyyyy. Awesome cosplay and photos!!

PanicMoon I am so ridiculously in LOVE with your dress. It looks GORGEOUS and so do you *heart*

WhiteSun I loved your cosplay and Shadow group. XD It's amazing! (and the Shadow Kanji cosplayer...his facial expressions were just awesome XDDD)

Yulia oh my god can i marry all of you forever

AlbinoPlant Wow you have no idea how much I love your whole photo set! The shadow versions never get any appreciation so I'm so glad that this kickass group occured! Love the costumes and every single member of your group. :]

Minni great job! I never see the shadow versions ^^ (The guy who cosplayed Kanji must be really brave to just wear that loincloth around LOL)