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where the HELL can I start from?!

It all started at the spring of '08, when I saw the series, and fell inlove with the stories, animation style, and ofcourse - the medicine seller.
this costume main idea was lots, but lots of fabrics. and not just usual fabrics, pattern fabrics.
so, kimono -
made out of 9 fabrics I bought in Nahelat Binyamin in Tel-Aviv. I took for that a day off, and ran around all the stores there are, for the search of the exact color fabric that I wanted, and with the pattern that I felt enough satisfaction.
I not even once compromised on a fabric I didn't like-so-much, and hoped that when the time pass, I'll find the perfect one.
I had this problem with the light purple fabric on the kimono, untill I encountered (in a very lucky one hell of a mistake) a fabric store in the ancient city market in Jerusalem. it was at the exact same color as the origin character. I was so happy!
pants -
made out of a velvet fabric.
hat/bandana -
I took a leftover purple fabric I had from my Neku cosplay, put in a tub with water and an acrlyc silver paint, and let it stay there for a day.
the result was exactly as the bandana looks in the arts of the series. with a fog marks on it. :D
shoes -
holly fucking shit. I'm about 1.80 meters tall, and walking at the con with an extra 13 centimeres was extremly weird. I could find and see people out of the crowded hall!!! I was like.. a head higher than all of the "normal" people.
a carpenter cut my the wood, and I attached it together and made the holes and stripes.
and what was so much to..amaze, is.. that the shoes were really comfortable to walk with!! XD
tabi socks -
made the myself. :D
make-up -
draw it myself at the morning of the convention. used snazaroo make-up paint I had at home.
ears -
bought from the net. holly shit, they were perfect! hold still for the whole freaking day!
made out of fimo, my mom's old make-up cover and fish threads.
sword -
made out of two layers of cardboard with a wooden stick inside them, super clay for the head, a hair extensions I cut from my wig, and jewels.
wig -
bought from proffesional only (eBay) and cut it a bit.
I didn't like so much cosplay versions of Kusuriuri that used blonde hair.
I mean.. his hair is half blonde half grey..
so I oreded this wig, that I think made the trick. I was the exact color of Kusuriuri's hair. a bit silvery, a bit yellow-blonde. I'm very pleased with it.

Unfortunatly, I was really buisy at the con, and got like.. 2 or 3 pictures with the costume. but don't worry! I'll photoshoot it someday. :) very very soon.
stay tuned!

oh and p.s - I photoshoped the profile costume pic a bit, so it will look a bit like the world of the mononoke. with everything being very bright colors. :}}}}}


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Series Mononoke (TV series)
Character Medicine Seller / Kusuriuri


zozo I absolutely LOVE that you did this looks good, just get them photos out here :D Can just imagine the trouble of finding the right fabric...phew!