Tinker Bell



After watching the Tinkerbell movies, Fawn became my favorite. I wanted to make the wings accurate size in proportion to the disney fairies. Figuring out the harness was the hardest part and making the top so the wings come out from the back. Her outfit is made of leaves, moss and other foresty things, so I picked my materials based on that. I airbrushed the clothes to give it that look. I also airbrushed the wings and added glitter. The shoes were probably the easiest to make. Coloring them, was the hardest.

I think I need to fix the fitting a bit.


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Series Tinker Bell
Character Fawn


Tay Heavengreen Woah, thats my favourite fairy!!! and i didn't know you cosplayed as her! I'm a big fan of your work, you really are like a fantasy character... Greetings from Mexico ♥

Eldin i saw this at the sac anime!! you were the host for the masquerade. or the talker person.

Boudica where did you get the ears? i love those.

Henekeshi OMG yes, I remember this costume! I came in at the end of the Masquerade when you were presenting that wonderful Yue cosplayer with her prize. It looks so cute in person~!

RisuKim wow! i like the top head bit so far :P She's such a wonderful fairy. I hope you are an animal lover because that would fit being Fawn perfectly! :D