Alexander Anderson




This is the cosplay I spent the most on, and worked the hardest on to date. The pants, shirt, and shoes I had already. The coat was modified from an old graduation robe. The ribbons were sewed on the coat and the shirt. The gloves and cross were were purchased from a costume shop, and I sharpie'd the writing on myself.

The bayonets were made from foam and a gardening tools. They were spraypained silver, but broke. A LOT. So, I wrapped aluminum foil for the blades. Didn't look great, but it worked.

As for the facial hair, I didn't shave my beard/goatee so it looks more like Anderson because I'm going to Disney World in two weeks, and I really like the look. So I'm keeping it. Next time I do the costume, I'll shave.

Maybe for the future, I'll use metal or wood the next time around. I had fun.


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Series Hellsing
Character Alexander Anderson


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