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I've "retired" my first dress due to material issues. I hope to make a more true to the game design in the future.

I made a clay mold for a latex cap sculpted to look like an Asari's scalp/hair(?). I used's tutorial if you wish to look into making your own asari mold.
To get the blue skin tone I have purchased an airbrush set and bought latex and waterbased paints. I will be using water based paints for my face.

Not registered with and have questions? comments? snarky commentary?
Please email me at hmwsgx at gmail dot com, or find me on the Mass Effect Bioware forums, my username is HMWSG X. I don't bite, I promise! I always make an attempt to reply to everyone.

NOTE: For a few 'tutorials' on makeup and painting steps, please go to my WIP gallery


@hmwsg x
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Kawaii Pocky It looks great. I remember I always hated those dresses in the game.

bluestbunnie Thanks for the nice comment on my Gwendolyn and the link! You're very talented!! I'm very impressed with your make up