Mirai no Trunks Briefs

Dragon Ball Z



My cosplay is officially done and was premiered at Anime Expo 2009. i don't have any quality pictures of me yet, because i didn't get the sword literally until the night before we left, so i didn't have time. And after reviewing photos of myself at the con, i've decided this costume isn't ever gonna be completely finished. there are some things i would like to update eventually. biggest thing at the moment would probably making a more accurate belt. it looked so great on other Trunks' i saw at con. so i definitely wanna do that. also if i can ever find some poofier pants, just so it has that look, so on and so forth...


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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Mirai no Trunks Briefs


Neoqueenhoneybee So glad we got to meet at AX2012! <3 Super jealous of your capsules!!!

randomlyd Omgg haii ;D Its randomlyd off DA ;D Wur-hey, more trunks cosplay photo's, your cosplay is so awesome! :DDD

RiderG thanks dad :)

Vegeta Ever You were on of the best Trunks at the convention. You did a Super Excellent job on your cosplay.