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Captain N: The Game Master

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I loved this show as a kid (back in the 80s, who wouldn't want to be pulled inside their Nintendo and play the games they loved for real?) Lana was a really interesting-looking princess - very 80s, but kind of futuristic at the same time. She seems to be based on Palutena from Kid Icarus, but more fanservice-y. And with brown hair (yay!) rather than green. And the silly little poof ponytail on top!

The whole costume is made by me, without any patterns. The outfit itself is spandex and lamé, the crown and gauntlets were made with fun foam bases (a headband is under the crown itself), and the jewelry was all resin cast by me. The earrings and necklace base are fun foam painted with glue, with gold paint on top.

For the clothes, I didn't use any kind of pattern. I roughly traced a sports bra for the top shapes (the shoulders have some interfacing inside to maintain the shape). For the skirt, I laid down on some mockup spandex fabric and traced the basic shape of the skirt around myself. It required a little fitting, but overall it was very easy to sew together. The pink part of the skirt is actually a separate piece with some interfacing in the front for the "point" part. The best part about this costume is that it required NO zippers, buttons, fasteners of any kind. It's all stretchy so it's just pull-on!

The toughest part was making the edge trim out of the aqua blue spandex fabric and keeping a nice, clean edge. Stretch fabric with stretch trim was kind of necessary for this kind of design, but it was NOT fun to pin and sew!

I get to use all my real hair for this, except for the little poof on top. For the poof, I used the wired hair comb from Amphigory - I put the two wired "tails" together and made a little ponytail holder from the same fabric as the costume trim.

The boots are actually Sailor Mercury's boots. I just tucked down the white tops and made the gold pieces separate out of lamé and lightweight interfacing. They're held together with velcro so they're easily removable.

This is a fun costume, even though she's really obscure! I'd like to bring her back out again, but she really does need the rest of the N-Team (at least Captain N himself) for anyone to have a clue who I am! :)


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Aerix The show was so bad that it was good. Your costume does it great justice.

DarkFujin Oh my god Princess Lana cosplay, I fucking LOVE you! This takes me back. Best. Cartoon. Ever.

Miyabi- Omg...childhood flashback! XD! This is awesome!!