Harvey Dent (straightjacket)

Batman: The Dark Knight



The day I'll walk with my half-exposed, hairy legs, Xiggy will be my bi...-straightjacketed Harvey. It wasn't in the movie, but just plain hospital clothing was soooo boring : P and we decided to...spice things up a bit.

Since she'll be glued to me that day anyway, I made it really look like Joker's been there with the poor man. For those who can't figure out my handwriting, it says: "I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT" "GOTHAM'S WHITE KNIGHT" "HA! HA!" and random stuff like "Ha ha Haaaaarvey" and joker-smiles. And then there's white simple trousers and slippers. And...the FACE! : D

I made the face, and I'm really, REALLY happy with it :3 plus Xiggy kinda looks like Harvey. I had to work on that wig a lot, since it originally was this "Sharon"-named women's wig, and had platinumblondish curls on it. But it was surprisingly easy to comb and cut, for 10 € wig at least.


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Series Batman: The Dark Knight
Character Harvey Dent (straightjacket)


hmwsg x Thanks for the comment! But I think your Twoface wins in the cool category!! =D