Misa Amane

Death Note



【"I can’t go on in a world without Light."】

Misa is a sweet and slutty character!
She always wear pretty outfits in Gothic or Gothic Lolita style and the black/white with red ribbon outfit is such a nice one (although it's one of the easiere outfits).

I'm not a very good Misa, I know. But I like the long blond wig and the striped socks. And I have the wrong Death Note, but it was quite fun making pictures with a book.

I just wore this cosplay at home - maybe I'll wear this someday at a convention, when I have a Light by my side.


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Series Death Note
Character Misa Amane


Hateshinai very pretty misa! i love this outfit !

isa_chan pretty misa misa! *o* your wig is perfect, it really looks like her hair;D

phantomkirby love the hair

fly_aguilera misa misa!