Ryou Bakura




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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Ryou Bakura


Blable >.> *steals you away and locks in closet w/ 3 meals daily + snacks and nap time* lol, anyway, amazing job!

rooly Very cute!

_aires_ Great Bakura!! I love your cosplay ^^

Tsukyomi16 so cool and kawaii ^_^

isa_chan awn , so cute*-*

*Mia* I make Lizzeh's words mine ^^ About Angemon's wings: they're surprisingly light! They only cause discomfort after a few hours (heh, even a regular backpack would do that anyway).

Lizzeh More adorable than even Ryou himself! ^^

Zaviera Ahh! You look stunning! c: Good job! ^ o^b