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Series Reborn!
Character Fran
Variant VARIA


cbrichart HELLO!!!!!! I want to know how you made it! if it possible if you could send me a list detailled on how you made it!! it would be REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY nice because i want to make that cosplay too and this is the best hat i have found!! could you help me? or could you sell one to me? :P i really need one and the one i see are really ugly...

Sara Lollipop wow! * w * your amazing cosplay! Especially for the hat, which among others is more like the original! * W * Have you done with your hands or have you bought? Even I should do the cosplay Fran (I should do for the Lucca comics in Italy to be held in October, will be my first cosplay >////<) but I just can not find a way to have a hat x beautiful as the to T ^ T Again complimentoni for the cosplay is really beautiful * w *

Wooshy Yo :33 People from Ltihuania are here to bother you ;DD At first, congratz on the splendid costume *-* It was your cosplay that really pushed me to decide on cosplaying Fran :DD Though, I know lots of people ask. But how the hellllll did you do the helmet o.o? Like HOOOOW. I'm pretty desperate here and I'm dying to know :D At first you said you used styrofoam as the base yet did you cut it or formed it in any way before putting the clay? And the clay, you used a regular one or something else :3 ? And did you need lots of it, and were the 'ears' and eyes made from clay also? How did you dry it @[email protected] I'm really awed by your skill. And I really wanna make a good cotume ^^. So please help? If you can, answer here ir to my e-mail [email protected] I REALLY appreciate it :DD Yet again, LOVE your costume !! <333

bunnyasha Hello, I'm very sorry to bother you! >A< But I happened to see your amazing Fran cosplay and I am so very impressed by your craftsmanship especially when it comes to the hat. You did such an amazing job and I've never seen anyone do such a good job. I was wondering, since I already checked a few of your comments. You suggested using a polystyrene hollow half of a sphere as the base. However I was curious how you completed the eyes mouth and helmet sides? I'm very sorry if you do not wish to tell me I will understand,but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you sharing the website to the person who had asked you earlier. Once again you did an amazing job and I can't wait to see more impressive cosplay from you! Keep up the wonderful work!! <3 -bunnyasha (supatuna)

Chibi_Seras Ho god, I swear i've seen a lot of fran's cosplays but you...YOU are the BEST i've ever seen. I love your cosplay *_________* You're awesome! pd: sorry for bad english. xDU

Uzumaki Bao Thanks I-ko, Well, can i have your MSN to you help my friends with somethings? Me and her will make a Reborn group and i having trouble with tsuna's headphone too. Thanks for any help anyways ^________^.

Karakuri I adore your cosplay! <3

Uzumaki Bao So good your cosplay, gratz. Oh my friends wanna know how 2 do a godly frog head as your x_x.