Matt (Mail Jeevas)

Death Note



Now we have an updater / real version of my Matt cosplay! Fun!

So this is the Fan version, with red wig. And don't ask why, it's money reason, why I have a gary'n'black shirt! Love my shoes?


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Death Note
Character Matt (Mail Jeevas)


~Larxene~ Sexy Sexy Matt cosplay <3

DancingUnicorn i love your wig :) did you make it or buy it? if you bought it, then where? thanx

rUssia_waS_C1 such an amazing cosplay ^^ where did you get such a nice wig?

IYMG Did u make your vest or buy it? If u bought it could you please send me the link??