the jacket for this costume is the REAL one.
it's a one-of-a-kind piece speically made for the photoshoot of the B-Club AKIRA book in Japan in 1990.

just the jacket cost me $1100.

all together the costume is around $1500.


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Series Akira
Character Kaneda


DARTH CRANE Simplemente genial sin miedo a equivocarme el mejor Kaneda que he visto! Amazing work!

Guyver3 Dude, I gotta ask Why did you make the shoulder pads black ?

Deexisxamazing So astonishing! What an amazing costume! Great job!

akuriko Wow, you were born to cosplay this character! XD Nice work! I really like your costumes! (Lol, sorry, I'm having so much fun looking through your gallery, that I'm just going to leave you a bazillion comments. XD)

KANEDA thanks to all! ^_^ and to answer the helmet question... look at the various posters and other materials for it,... he's holding a helmet in many of them.

die-sama hahaha -- this is amazing!

captain wolf Question: Ok, I love the cosplay.... but still.... what's he doing with a helmet?

Gryphus The price is amazing too ;)

silenthillnurse that jacket is amazing!!!

TENIME_art Oh, dude...I've been wanting to do a Kaneda since my first ACen in 2002...thanks for raising the bar ridiculously high!! ^_^" Seriously, though, that is awesome!!