Yuna Braska

Final Fantasy X



Woah.... @[email protected] This costume took a lot of work... I chose to do this costume because it was my first, and as far as I could tell, it was made entirely of rectangles, and having no sewing skills what-so-ever, I figured I *might* be able to do it. The most difficult part was probably the Obi - even when I finished it, it wasn't quite up to how I wanted it, but oh well - you win some, you lose some. :D Actually, speaking of winning, I got into the top 10 at the Auckland Armageddon 2007 Cosplay Contest! :D

9/4/08 - Photos now up. :D I partially remade this costume for the Auckland Cosplay Picnic - I sewed my Hibiscus onto the wrong side of my obi! Apart from that, and not doing the top right (AGAIN.), I'm pretty happy with it. :D


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Created 13 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Yuna Braska
Variant Summoner


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