Avariel (elf with wings)

Dungeons & Dragons



This costume is inspired by a race found in AD&D called the Avariel, or winged elf. The story is that Avariel sacrificed their longevity for their ability to fly.

This costume took 5 months to build, and the materials cost about $1500. Everything, down to the hinges of the wings was custom designed and home-built (except the shoes and hand flowers). The wings are made of 3,000 golden pheasant feathers individually woven into an aluminum mesh.

For more pictures, please see www.The-Avariel.com
For a video of the creation process, please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqPE8_n5Xn


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Series Dungeons & Dragons
Character Avariel (elf with wings)


Tite Cé Beautiful!!! Your wings are amazing!

Tsukune I remember seeing this on youtube and thinking it was absolutely stunning. A beautiful piece of art. I would love to see a video of your moving wings in action. Now that would be something really amazing to see.

ChibiKimi This is absolutely insane! o.O Simply breathtaking!

VampireRay wow *_* your wings are awsome