White ribbon on hat replaced with brown bias tape;
Gloves washed, effectively ruined, and new gloves colored;
New toolbelt finished! I am the happiest camper.

I love this costume.There are a couple of things wrong with it, but for the most part I don't have much to fix. Also this was intended to be a costume I made myself, but as it turned out everyone else ended up doing most of the work for me. Next time, I guess.

Hat I found at a thrift shop, sewed on red ribbon, and threaded white ribbon through the hat and through a pull that I found on an old pair of pants. (It's not exactly the right color but it's better than black.) The ribbon needs to be replaced with a brown, not-ribbon string that won't fray.

Wig was styled by Xigmeister (, and hair clips were also painted by her.

Shirt sewed by my mom, fabric markered the hell out of by myself.

Pants are made from McLeod tartan, mailed from Scotland by my dear Auntie, all because Mom took one look at and and said "McLeod." We got as much as we did for pretty cheap because no one likes McLeod and the kilter was almost out and wouldn't be getting any more for quite a while. Hahaha. >D Anyway I love those pants. Made by my mother... again... well I helped make the mock-up, at least.

Boots were plain black rubber boots from*v*boots2shoes*v*/ and finished with car paint. The paint on the bottom is cracking a little but it didn't seem to get any worse over Sakuracon 2010 and it seems to look fine in photos. Eventually, however, I'll have to repaint them, and I will try to prep them beforehand so that the paint stays on better.

Gloves were bought for a dollar a pair at Jo Ann Fabrics and colored with a fabric marker.

Old toolbelt was just any old toolbelt lying around, because I couldn't make one in time. The new one was made from cardboard, duct tape, suede and a couple of buckles from other belts. Where it isn't taped together, it was sewn together with a carpet needle and carpet thread. That was a bitch. Also it's not as secure as I'd like it to be, so I'll probably drill a couple more holes to sew it on better. Yes, drill, I'm not going to try to squeeze a nail through all that material again : | That was stupid.

Many of the photos here were taken by myself or Xigmeister, but many of them were taken by Eurobeat King. Thanks again! <3 (Credit will be mentioned in each specific photo.)


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sjch94 Very adorable! I hate to be a repeat, but I also love the wig . ^w^

Juliapop You're an adorable Finny! Seconding the love for the wig.

MagiFox I seriously LOVE your wig. You make an excellent Finnian! :)

Aemi Finny-chan &#9829; I love your cosplay :3 You've made a very good cosplay of him ^w^