Romana II

Doctor Who



Since I got into Doctor Who I wanted to put together a costume from it. But I didn't feel like any of the companions from the current series really suited me, though I have thought about making one of Donna's outfits. So I poked around in the classic series. I thought this outfit of Romana's was just adorable, as well as at least recognizable to fans of classic Who. And it's really comfy too! I can spend just about all day at a con in this which is a record for me. My wig is from the ebay seller wigfashion and even came with a comb already sewn into the front of it which really helps it stay in place. I scored the stripey fabric for about two bucks a yard out of the clearance section of I'm sure they don't have anymore but I got so lucky with that. I don't know how/if I could have put this costume together if I hadn't found a knit that had that pattern. So I used that and patterned the leggings off of some I owned, same for the undershirt. During my research I did find that her undershirt is actually supposed to be long sleeved but I cheated and made it a tank top. I figure it's much cooler that way and looking at it I doubt anyone can really tell or at least care that much. I used a navy linen look fabric for the top and I think whatever cottons I could find cheap for the other bits. And the shoes are five dollar Walmart shoes.


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Series Doctor Who
Character Romana II
Variant Leisure Hive


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