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Update Feb 2012: I forgot to update this a couple months ago, whoops. I got my coat, I have pictures of it up, and I got a lovely lacefront wig that has been dyed and cut, and will be styled before Sakuracon 2012. After that there are only two things about this costume I'd like to improve: I'd like to get blue contacts, and boots with a slightly more accurate heel, as well as painting the silver on the boots. Ummm I will rewrite this entire thing once I get the whole thing put together. What a mess!

New update (2011): Due to shenanigans, the coat won't be ready until July or August 2011.

Update (2011): Basically I've been slowly redoing this entire costume, but it won't be complete until at least May (possibly April) of 2011 (the coat'll take a while to get finished haaaah). So! Until then, Larxene's going away. Back with better pictures once that's complete.

Costume Revamp:

Originally, I had a coat that I bought off of ebay that looked pretty decent... that was the one I wore to Sakuracon 2009 for a day (I don't count that as the costume's debut since I had my hood up because I couldn't figure out how to do my hair) and Kumoricon 2009. The coat is now almost unusable; it's got rips everywhere that I can't find a way to replace. New coat coming April/May 2011.

The original boots (only worn for Sakuracon 2009) were quickly replaced for considerably better ones, although I have yet to paint the grey on them... I'm afraid of ruining them. Some day! New boots bought Fall 2009.

The gloves were awful, cheap Halloween gloves that I think I got at Jo-Ann's. My fingers are stubby so those gloves had a good extra inch on the end of every finger, and it looked awful. They've since been replaced with satin gloves. New gloves bought... early 2010?

Originally I used my own hair (dyed bright yellow at Kumoricon 2009), and I am now using a wig, which is kind of an icky blonde color and needs to be dyed. Some day I want to make a lacefront wig so it will be perfect, but that day has not yet come. New wig bought and styled Spring 2010.

My original "pants" were Chill Chasers leggings, bought at KMart. They no longer sell them in black, which is unfortunate, because they weren't sweaty and yet they were still slightly shiny... but mine are stretched out and fading. I've gotten a pair of more pleather-like leggings, which are too long for me, but will be hemmed. They're more shiny than the other ones, and might be a bit sweaty, but I can deal with that if they look better than my old ones do right now. New leggings bought December 2010.

That's quite a lot of information and I'm sure most of it doesn't matter in the slightest, but I'd like to keep a record, at least for myself. Maybe someone else is interested, who knows.

Larxene will hopefully be completely revamped (minus my dream lace-front wig), April or May 2011. If my coat can't be finished before Sakuracon 2011, I'll go to Gasukan in May. Because I am wearing this damn costume. As soon as I can.


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Kildread Your face is so close to Larxene's it's uncanny. Grea choice.