Alexander Anderson


@Neon Genocide


I was continuing on with the blond haired costume so I don't have to ware a wig. Didn't realize how hard it is to find a white pare of pants. The coat needs work, right now its only one layer thick, need to add a second one. Sir Auron carved the knives though I painted and added the handles to them. So props to him for the mad wood carving skills. I have a hard time doing poses as his facial expressions are completely insane. litterly...

I destroyed the coat at Katsucon 2004 so until I make a new one I am retiring this costume.


@Neon Genocide
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Series Hellsing
Character Alexander Anderson


Viancod What`s up, Neon? I was just comming by to say that we loved your visit to our country and we expect to see you really soon. I can´t wait to see which rare character you´ll choose for next. You really became one of my favorite cosplayers and a great inspiration for cosplaying too. Thanks for being such a nice guy. Seeya.

renonuthzhakrin This cosplay makes me giddy =3