Mai Valentine




I wanted to do a Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay after I saw some wonderful Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayers at Tigercon and they looked awesome and we're having so much fun. I didn't want to crossplay, that took away 90% of my options. So, I looked over the female characters and remembered that there is one Yu-Gi-Oh female I am actually fond of, Mai Valentine.

The majority of the costume is thrifted, the white shirt, and skirt were modified, the vest used as it came. The armwarmers were made out of remnant fabric I picked up a while back. The wig and boots were both amazing finds. I already owned some Harpie Cards, have acquired more.

Originally debuted at Katsucon 2010 in an unfiinished state because I didn't own the boots I used that day and couldn't get the proper wig styling materials or a duel disk.

Made a grand new debut at Otakon this past year, with a better styled wig, my own boots, and a duel disk. Currently waiting on the photos from a photoshoot conducted with a Waking the Dragons Mai and a Duelist Kingdom Mai.


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Mai Valentine
Variant Battle City


ranerdis This is great, you are so pretty! Also, you would make the best Kaylee (from Firefly) just fyi!

Kiichigo You rock. That is all.