Soma Peries

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



1) It is all made of Oxford. And what a hard color to find. Never again I will be making a cosplay with such a hard color to find (It’s a lie, I love the thrill!)
Ozana made all of it.
2) I made the hat. How hard was that? 8D
3) The wig is made of love. And her hair is in a light shade of lavender, for God’s sake. I’m sick of white wigs or grey wigs. XD
I styled it. :3
4) I will wear it again. O_O

Other comments:
I like Soma Peries, and as a Trip-fag that I am… Oh, well… Battle loli, go go go! I had promise I’d make this cosplay to a beloved friend and husbando. There it is, and he loved it, that what matters in the end. (L)


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Soma Peries
Variant Marie Parfacy


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