Luciola / Lucciola

Last Exile

@Grey Finch


Oh man this costume was so painful. My fault for making the nonstretch vertical OTL


@Grey Finch
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Series Last Exile
Character Luciola / Lucciola


yukiko_no_niwa I absolutely love this costume. I wish I was there at the convention to see it. ;^; Might I ask, what fabrics did you use for this?

Neko Minaue Amazing Luciola!

Geni This is so amazing *O* This is perfect....

luyue wooooow

UberGabel This is a brilliant Luciola! Fantastic job! \o/

Narnian Absolutely wonderful Luciola cosplay!!!! The best I've ever seen!

Sissy I saw you two at the con last year, I was spazzing out-I loved you guys!!

Eun I love you. That's it. <3

NekoSatsuki Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! I love Lucciola and Dio and you did an amazing job!!!!!!!!

Ironekilz Jaw-droppingly awesome! Great costumes and the atmosphere of the pictures is fantastic. You both capture the essence of the characters so well!


lilaznfreak Amazing and perfect! I'm in love with it?

Synariel This costume is perfect. Beautiful work and portrayal!

Chocobo chic Your cosplays are truely amazing! All of them!!!

DarkMoon Kidara I want to cry ;___; Lucioraaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

saimon It's so great seeing Luciola cosplayed! He needs more love! And you pulled him off wonderfully!

Fire Lily Hells yes! This really is such a perfect cosplay. You make my inner fangirl squee ^.^

-May- You make a perfect Luciola *o* such wonderfull LE cosplay!

~H~ Stunning! Your photos and the costumes are amazing *_*. Mega-congrats on the showcase!

avatarkayla I Love Last Exile, you did a wounder-full job!