Summoner Yuna

Final Fantasy X



I can't believe I'm already on version 3 of this! This entire project has run for 3 years and this Acen I was determined to finally kick out a more accurate version than my 2nd.

The top was used again from vers 2 but modified a bit and a new bikini top was made; the skirt was also recycled but i added more white border details to the flowers; the sleeves are completely new, a bit longer with better ties; the boots are new as well as the obi which was painstakingly hunted down to get the accurate weave then dyed to get the goldish color, the pattern was handpainted and the bow is now a double folded butterfly XD and all new jewelry!

This project is going to involve some other aspects that I'll keep a secret for now XD


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Summoner Yuna
Variant Version 3


tiggerz14 How did u make the staff? it looks amazing!

AanZku you make so beautiful yuna! \o/

khislove12 I saw you at ACEN this year in this cosplay I took a pic of you with shiva awesome job and one of the best i've seen

Midelle Bellissima^_^ "Beautiful ^__^"