Gunner Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



I honestly made this on a whim. My friend was going to let me wear hers for Ikkicon, then about a week and a half before the con, she told me she couldn't find it. So, being my crazy self, made one in a week! It's not perfect, but I really like how it came out! Maybe I'll fix it up one day. =]


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Gunner Yuna


Shigatsu-Neko you make a fab yuna! very cute also

CrystalRose Cute! and very well done, is that ur natural hair, I think its awesome when people cosplay characters and can pull it off with thier own natural features.

SAN_CHAN waa kawaii n.n