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Since I'm making my already worked on costume into an Amano version, it's going to take me a little longer than I had first planned. I'm still making the shirt more modest, the skirt without the flowers(since it's an Amano version), and I'm adding beads to the arm tassels. I don't know what I'm going to do for the Hibiscus and tassels since there isn't a clear reference. I'll probably keep it since I love it so much and just change the tassels a little. Maybe I'll add some beads or the like.

Update: Sept 2nd, 2010
Even after a year and a half of work, this cosplay still isn't done. I'm trying to get it as accurate as possible while adding an artwork twist. So far only the top is completely finished. I'd like to add more detailing to the obi and maybe a design to the skirt. I may even redo the skirt to add more fullness to the pleats. Also, I need to add beaded ties to the sleeves and finish the hibiscus. I still need to make the earrings and necklace too. Oh, and make, at least, boot covers for the boots.
So far this has been my most expensive cosplay, around $200 for the materials and well over $350 for the labor. I bought most of the fabric before I knew about sales and coupons so I paid full price for just most of the materials. Everything is handmade except for the black part of the top and the boots I'm currently using. I used swim fabric for the sleeves and wrap on the top. The black part of the top was a shirt I got from a secondhand store. The obi is a loose-weave cotton fabric whose name I don't know. The skirt is bottom weight fabric and holds the pleats exceptionally well.
Overall, I am really pleased with how this cosplay is turning out. I still have some work to do, but I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to see how my Amano Yuna cosplay turns out when I'm done, though I don't know if I'll ever stop perfecting this cosplay. I'll keep adding pictures to this cosplay until I decide to add a 2.0 version.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Yuna
Variant Amano


allyconan So funny, I was about to say, "You'd look adorable as a Yuna Braska!" and then saw this! So cute. :) <3

Arggia Oh!I love Yuna's costume!Yours is looking so pretty!Great job!

momoiru1994 it looks wonderfull! ^^ this cp ftw!

negativedreamer i still love your yuna

Liliana AMANO YUNA... AMANO YUNA... *O* Sista I'm excited about this!! And it is very pretty already! The obi must have taken a long time to make. OO

Narnian Thank you guys so much! ^_^

anime_wench A-freakin'-dorable!!

seawaterwitch They look perfect *___*

girlieshoes This is coming along so splendidly, and you look lovely!