Beatmania IIDX



This costume has to be one of the most labor-intensive costumes I've ever made, with all the trim (which I hand-sewed from strips of fabric) and layers. The sheer amount of pieces on this costume is overwhelming. Which is one of the reasons why I hate wearing it.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Beatmania IIDX
Character Hihumi


Liz Shepherd Most accurate cosplay eva'

OniCourseMusha To me its pretty rare to see some iidx cosplay especially towards the later games ones like the you're cosplaying as from IIDX GOLD. Good job.

kalasha Amazingly gorgeous costume. I'm jealous. Especially with the headphones[I'm sorry, I notice things like that..xD]

Pho3nixX08 Wow, that is one piece of work, great detail. let me know if you're selliing it!~ ^^

ArwenEvenstar Who knew ._. labor intensive costume looks so damn beautiful on the carpet XD I mean you did Beatmania proud! purple everything = awesome!!

KoriStarfire Congrats on your showcase!! you totally deserve it!

Harl Thanks to everyone who commented. And Chris, you make me lol.

Haven Kawaii cosplay! ^-^

GorgeousAstro Wow, I'm so impressed with you costume. :O You look fabulous! Congrats to everyone in you IIDX group for their great costumes, too!!


NiGHTmaren Gorgeous costume, I love the colors! Great attention to detail with this piece.

Sephirayne Wow! Awesome costume. Well worth the effort you've put in. Great job.