Final Fantasy X



My first cosplay costume ever! I'm most proud of the corset I tailored myself, and of the trim / lace: it was embroidered on white satin (with machine-stitching), which I then applied to the seams of the dress. It sure was a painstaking process... but it was worth every single minute ^^

Cost: approx. 270 EUR / 310 USD
Hours spent: No idea, I started in March 2005 and had it completed by the end of July. I'd say 100+ hours ^^;

For an improved version of this costume, see my "White Lulu" original design that I made in 2007.


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Created 14 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


Lady Thesta Can I just say how much I love you for choosing Pupu as your doll? When my friend cosplayed Lulu I insisted that she use a Pupu because no one ever does! It's always Cactuar or Moogle. Spread the Pupu love!!!

Catgirl_Felicia Great Lulu Costume! ^__^

DevilZuckyn n__n nice cosplay of Lulu!

silent_dreaming Absolut Spectacular! Das besten Lulu kostüm ich habe gesehen.