Nuriko (Feminine Artbook Outfit)

Fushigi Yuugi



Well, I really wanted to be Nuriko since he's one of my all-time faves, and I waited a long time to make this costume as I wanted to be sure I'd have the skill to back it up, particularly with the minor details that this costume involves. The entire costume is handsewn, wig was styled by me, the decorations were made with model magic and painted...feathers were made with fabric paints and markers, the floral decor on the neckband was done with fabric paints. All in all this turned out to be one of my fave costumes yet and I'm so happy with it. I feel I really did him justice in the end, and I managed to nail all the details.


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Series Fushigi Yuugi
Character Nuriko (Feminine Artbook Outfit)


Tanoshii-Chan What a lovely Nuriko! :D I'm making Nuriko for my friend Rin. It's the outfit he wears when he...*sob*