Tohru Honda

Fruits Basket



It was really fun to be Tohru! I never had to worry about being 'in character' for the first time in my cosplay-life! xD Yesss! I also met a lot of really nice people c: I'm hoping I'll be able to meet up with them again sometime.
I did have quite a fabric and notion crisis for this actually ._.

At first I was going to use non-stretch cotton for both the top and bottom, but while making the shirt I realized that my hips were way to big and the shirt was way too short (and I had no money to buy a zipper for the side or back). So everything about it looked terrible &gt;.< Sadly I was broke aside from a few quarters in my jeans so I couldn't just go get more fabric. So I sacraficed my to-be Namine fabric to make Tohru and in turn sacraficed my to-be Lucrecia fabric for Namine. So when I start on Namine that'll be good I guess xD But I'm not really satisfied with the way my sewing machine treacts to 4-way stretch or how the shirt came out.

I kind of want to remake the shirt, but i think I'm just too lazy XD;
Maybe I'll sell this cosplay so I'll -have- to remake it.

As for the wig. Jeebus. First I was going to dye a blonde wig for this but when the dye dried it was not only splotchy and streaky, but it also turned out more of a champaign color. Which I must admit -is- really pretty, but so not what I needed. So, rather than spending more money on another wig I decided to use my own hair. But that posed a problem because I'd have to be Tifa later on that day. So I tried my luck at buying another wig...And ended up not using it xD
So there you go, a story about just how much I fail at finding proper wigs haha. And now my hair's far too long to use for her OTL I never thought I'd have to get a wig for this, poo. &gt;_&gt;


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tenshihitomi I love how you have the picture of her mom! It's little details like that that really make a cosplay:)