Black Lady

Sailor Moon



This costume was specially commissioned for me. It's gonna be used in the Metrocon '08 Fantasy Masquerade, so if anyone's going, come support the evil side! >3

The shoes came from a local shoe store (which I was exited about, cuz they're PERFECT) and the wig came from Hong Kong. All in all, I'm pretty much completely content and more with this costume.

Come to Metro '08!


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Created 10 years ago
Series Sailor Moon
Character Black Lady


Ashbrie You make a very pretty Black Lady! I especially love the color of the wig--it looks so good on you ^^

bellbellbunny You make a GREAT black lady!! :D

Twilightpixie aww i saw you at the masquerade! You did such a great job!

fadingforest Whatever, Isa. XDDD Black Lady so rocks Yuko. XDD

theenvylover ew. yuuko is soooo much better. duh. :3 <3 isa p.s. i think i found your account... xD

fuzzylogic wow, i LOVE your wig. :)