Lt. Col. Roy Mustang

Fullmetal Alchemist

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This is my first costume made entirely from scratch (except for the boots, gloves, and belt). The main pieces were made from taking an old pair of pants and an old shirt, taking them apart at the seams, examining them, and using them to trace patterns of my own. Using this technique, I cut out and sewed together the blue cloth of the pants and jacket then sewed on the white trim (which is 1/2 in. double-folded bias tape). I then prepared and attached the coattails, collar, and that rectangular piece in the front of the jacket. The small white pieces on the jacket (buttons and badges) as well as the thick part of the coattails lining was made from white craft foam glued onto the cloth. The shoulder pieces were also made from craft foam (blue colored) and some yellow paint. I also sewed on some yellow rope to right shoulder area. The belt was prepared by spray-painting it white and gluing on two circular pieces of craft foam. The gloves and boots were bought as they were and not modified. Since my hair is similar to that of this character (only brown instead of black) I used some black hair spray on my hair before wearing the costume.
UPDATE: This costume has been remade with cloth which is a better match to the actual color of blue. Also, the shoulder ornaments were printed out, laminated, and had some velcro glued to them (the other velcro pieces sewn onto the shoulders). Also, I now wear a wig when using this costume.


@Red Comet
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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Lt. Col. Roy Mustang


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