Ushio Amamiya

Shinshi Doumei Cross



I made this out of love for my friend chiisaiSaku because I really wanted to cosplay with her this year, and with her being a die-hard Arina Tanemura fangirl, I could be sure she'd have a Haine costume (or two, or three) to wear with my Ushio anytime ^_^

The costume is based on this artwork:

I love how the colors all match so nicely! I'm not a huge fan of romantic dresses, but I really like how this one turned out. The colors are subtle and icy enough so it doesn't look too girly, and I think I got the silhouette and skirt length just about right so they look flattering.

Cost: EUR 140 / US$ 185


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Series Shinshi Doumei Cross
Character Ushio Amamiya


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