Vanilla Gackt




Yes, it is my real hair. Yes, it took a long time to bleach it to white, took about 3 hours and 3 bleachings with the salon's strongest bleach, and it still is gonn aget lighter when I get it re-bleached. I love the shirt, the whole "one button done" thing is one of the best ideas ever. Got told to do it by a friend, and I really like the looks I get when I shift my weight or stance, or lift an arm and you can see my belly. Wasn't really that hard to do because I normally dress like Gackt. The big boots and fancy jeans and shirts are all things I already owned. The best part are the sunglasses, the vanilla ones. They complete the costume and without them it wouldn't work that well.


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Series Gackt
Character Vanilla Gackt


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