Karin Kanzuki

Street Fighter



I wore this for G-Anime 2010 and will be wearing it for a very long time :)
Karin is one of my favourite fighting game characters; I just had to cosplay her.

Construction notes:
I made the shirt + skirt out of a nice red twill; and the white lines were just bias tape sewn down. the scarf is a temporary scarf (I need to make a new one) that was made of a really soft polyester lining material. The boot covers aren't finished; and are made of spandex. The gloves are made of upholstery foam, brown fabric and the blue under-glove is a plain blue knit. I couldn't find any spandex for the gloves like I wanted.
The wig was bought from peri-wig and while it's not perfectly like Karin's hair I really like it. I didn't have time to style it before the con.
I still have to finish the boot covers and make her black undershirt thing for Anime North :)


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Series Street Fighter
Character Karin Kanzuki


Emeraldas85 And I love your Karin , it's SWEET ^^ Thank's for your comment on my Peggy Bundy cosplay =3

youmee400 I saw this on Facebook but I feel like I should comment here! Great costume all the details are perfect!